Vanaf 1 juli is het cultiveren van cannabis voor persoonlijk gebruik gedecriminaliseerd in Spanje.

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Dit nieuws geeft menig cannabis kweker, shop en vereniging veel blijdschap over heel het land.


The amendment to the law is not as clear cut as it sounds so hopefully the following will help to clarify matters.

The good news for many is that in article 36.18 of the law regarding citizen safety, a paragraph is included with an amendment regarding the cultivation of cannabis that states it is punishable “only in public places”.

Franco’s original law on April 8 1967 prohibited the cultivation of cannabis although violators were often not punished. That law stated that it was forbidden to germinate seeds. Now, growers can germinate seeds in Spain.

Grow shops and registered growers can sell cuttings/seedlings provided they do not display them openly to the public. You certainly can’t start selling bags of the product at the local rastro.

Self cultivation has not yet been fully legalised, but it has been decriminalised. Therefore, the act of cultivation itself is not banned… but doing it somewhere where it is viewable by the general public is. So, do it on a hidden terrace, in a greenhouse or in the living room if you like – but not where Joe Bloggs can see it or smell it when he strolls past with his pooch.

The starting fine is €601 which is a rise but not as high as numerous cannabis associations had feared it would be.

So, bad news for cannabis growers is that if you do it publicly, the fine is still a hefty one. Good news is that you can grow it at home without fear. You can teach growing methods to others, and you can take photos for your Facebook pals. Just don’t line the plants up on your front doorstep facing the police station with a big sign saying “Buy your marijuana here”.


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