State may allow children’s use of medical marijuana (bostonglobe)/Letter: Cannabis oil (idahostatesman)

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State may allow children’s use of medical marijuana (bostonglobe)

Connecticut lawmakers are considering a bill that would expand the state’s medical marijuana program to children. Under the proposal, residents under age 18 could be considered a qualifying patient with approval from a parent, pediatrician, and a physician with experience treating the debilitating condition. Lawmakers recently heard emotional testimony from parents of children suffering from various debilitating conditions, saying the drug can stop violent seizures. State Senator William Tong, a Democrat, said he was persuaded by their pleas. State Representative Vincent Candelora, a Republican, voiced concern that the bill gives parents ‘‘a lot of authority to be a doctor,’’ considering that caretakers would regulate the dosage for their children.


Letter: Cannabis oil (idahostatesman)

This is to the people who voted down the cannabis oil for kids with seizure disorders. If you or someone you love could be helped by using it, how would you feel when you were not allowed to help them? You do not have to be for or against it, but could you watch them have terrible seizures after seizures knowing that you were against the thing that could help them? I hope you can sleep at night remembering how you let countless kids down. I hope you never have to deal with the issue in your life, but if you do, remember you had a hand in removing the thing that could help many many kids —possibly even your own someday.


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