Medical cannabis proposal in ACT would cost health directorate too much: chief health officer (abcnetau)

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A proposal to allow the use of medical marijuana in the ACT would be a “large drain” on the health directorate’s resources, according to the Territory’s top doctor.

Greens MLA Shane Rattenbury has proposed legislation to make cannabis available to terminally ill patients or those suffering chronic pain, and a Legislative Assembly Committee is now canvassing public opinion at a public hearing on the laws.

Acting chief health officer Andrew Pengilley told the committee that under the proposed bill, the Health Directorate would have to approve each individual patient’s use of medical marijuana.

“There will be a significant resource impost in running the scheme that we’re talking about here: a register, and processing all these applications,” he said.

“In an environment where we have a lot of other public health issues we want to direct resources to, this is going to be a large drain on those marginal resources.”

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  1. magdolna mb j

    if submit thesis of hulled podded padded piped tubed tubbed plantered atriumed insect farming schools, how is that going to drain resources?? glory be, more resources being drained by how the few been treating it since been in power, creating thesis of war gore fixtures that creating worse weather habits, but still allowed in constitutional act? hope understand the ramblings of not so younged adult, greenpeace advocate activist for better livelihoods for our race and cultures. kind regards magdolna.

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