Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 11 – 13 juni 2015 NL-BE-DE-NL

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This year is going to be HUGE for the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and WE WANT YOU!
 We are pleased to announce the details of the 2015 tour which will fund clinical trials later this year:

– MCBT15 will ride 420km through northern Europe this summer, June 11-13.
– The tour begins in Maastricht (Holland) and finishes in Amsterdam (approx 140km per day).
– We will ride through Belgium, Holland and Germany, spreading the vibes and news of our cause.
– Riders from around the world will join our international force for change.

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Kilometers are being pounded in training… Bikes are being prepared… Volunteers are getting ready… The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is ready to roll for 2015!

Please do follow our progress! There will be daily updates on our Facebook and Instagram account and onTwitter.
On June 11th, the adventure continues! leaving from Maastricht the MCBT will pass through Belgium, Holland and Germany over the course of three days. On June 14th, we will arrive as a group at the Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam.

The 2015 Bike Tour has raised 100,000 Euros so far from generous sponsors. We need help from individuals too! Please support our crowd sourcing campaign with Walacea. Any money you can spare we thank you most kindly – Come on people, let’s make history!

For a taste of what is to come, please check out this teaser from one of our Gold sponsors, Herbies. Also check the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour channel for all the action from last year.
3…2…1… Cycling, Cannabis, Cancer… GO!


Cannabis Bike Tour Aims to Fund Historic Medical Marijuana Trials

Europe’s biggest cannabis sporting event is set to launch next week with riders from all over the world taking part in the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour (MCBT). The aim of MCBT is to raise enough money to begin comprehensive clinical trials this fall, testing cannabinoids on brain cancer patients as first line therapy. 

“The foundations of the research are based on the effect that cannabinoids have been shown to have on Glioma Initiating Cells (GICS) in the lab,” MCBT’s crowdfunding page states. “GICs fuel tumor growth and Dr Velasco and his team in Madrid have already completed research that suggests that cannabinoids (a component of cannabis) can help eliminate GICS, and that’s not all that’s exciting about this research. One of the hurdles faced by current cancer drugs in their fight against tumors is GICS getting in the way. Therefore, this research could lead to a major breakthrough in cancer therapy.” 

Currently, the bike tour has raised €200,000 from sponsors but still needs €85,000 to fund the cost of the trials. MCBT hopes to raise this through a crowdfunding campaign that will launch on June 11, the same day their cycling adventure begins. Cyclists will ride through Belgium, Germany and Holland, covering 420 km over the course of three days. 

“This is going to be our biggest bike tour yet,” MCBT founder Luc Krol said in a press release. “We have had a phenomenal response from sponsors and we are really hoping that individuals will support our crowd sourcing campaign. We are asking individuals around the world to donate, join our adventure, and help us to change history. In the meantime, we wish all the riders a most excellent bike tour!”  




Van 11 – 13 juni vindt de Medical Cannabis Bike Tour plaats die begint in Maastricht en door België en Duitsland zal rijden, om te eindigen in Amsterdam. 

Filmpje van vorig jaar




Deze Medical Cannabis Bike Tour zal een  feestelijke aankomst krijgen op  Cannabis Bevrijdingsdag die op 14 juni plaats zal vinden in het Flevopark in Amsterdam.


Hierbij zal onze stichting ook aanwezig zijn.

Graag tot dan!


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