Marijuana-based female sexual excitant to launch (timeslive)

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Upon high demand from medical-marijuana cardholders for whom it has been available in California, a cannabis-infused sensual enhancement oil is to launch in Colorado — one of an increasing number of US states where the drug is legal for recreational use.

Called Foria, the oil is to be released at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado January 21-25, at VIP after-parties sponsored by parent company Native Roots to be held every night at Aspen’s Crystal Palace.

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Made for a woman: New cannabis spray debuts in Aspen this week (aspentimes)

When Native Roots opens its sixth Colorado recreational cannabis dispensary in Aspen this week, psychoactive products won’t be the only items on its menu. On Friday, the chain will debut its Foria product geared exclusively toward women.

Foria is a THC-infused lube that doesn’t get its users high; rather, women who apply it are purported to have a much more fulfilling and enjoyable sex experience.

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