Kids’ drug use still a concern (aspentimes)

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In light of a study that shows marijuana may be safer than initially thought, a school official and a local anti-drug activist remain outspoken on the ill effects associated with adolescent cannabis use.

In January, the online journal Scientific Reports published research that compares mortality rates of 10 recreational drugs. Among the key findings is that marijuana is far safer than alcohol. The latter was recorded as the most dangerous of the group and 114 times more deadly than marijuana, according to the report.

The idea that marijuana is safer than alcohol is nothing new, and the study only confirms drug-safety rankings from a decade ago. But the research suggests that the ill effects of cannabis “may have been overestimated in the past,” while dangers linked to alcohol have been “commonly underestimated.”

Based on these findings, the report’s authors suggest that anti-drug groups would be better served combating risks linked to alcohol and the fourth-deadliest in the study, tobacco.

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