Italië en medicinale cannabis / Italie volgende land in Europa dat cannabis legaliseerd?

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In 1997, our Ministry of Health issued a law that made it possible for patients to require the import of drugs registered abroad after getting a prescription. The request had to be forwarded to the Ministry, that took at least two months to grant it. With this permission, the patient, assisted by a pharmacist or by the regional health service, could be able to get the medication required, but had to pay for it. In special circumstances, the cost of the drug could be charged to the hospital or the health service . The duration of the treatment could not be longer than 3 months, and renewal could be requested only when all the drug material had been consumed, and not before. Read more


Marijuana Legalization In Italy: 250 Italian Lawmakers Support Cannabis Decriminalization Proposal

Italy may well be on its way to becoming the largest country in Europe to legalize marijuana. An Italian tracking group has found that more than 250 lawmakers from across the political spectrum have given their support to a proposal that would largely decriminalize production, distribution, sale and consumption of marijuana throughout the nation.

The leap may appear far-fetched for a country that just 10 years ago voted in a draconian anti-drug bill that removed any distinction between hard and soft drugs, increasing sentences for pot smokers and heroin addicts alike.

But the legalization movement recently gained momentum, with one of the world’s most progressive legislative proposals on marijuana being submitted to the Italian parliament. Drafted by the Intergrupo Parlamentare Cannabis Legale, the legislation would allow anyone over the age of 18 to cultivate as many as five plants at home. Italians could also team up to form a “cannabis social club,” with each having a maximum of 50 people growing as many as 250 plants.

In both cases, the product would have to be consumed or shared by the farmers, who would be banned from selling and profiting from it while notifying authorities about their activities. All other individuals would be allowed to store as many as 15 grams of marijuana at home and carry as many as 5 grams, with higher quantities being allowed for medical use.

Meanwhile, people who do not follow the new rules would not be subject to criminal charges, but would instead face administrative sanctions. Smoking in public areas would remain strictly prohibited, as would advertising, exporting and importing all cannabis products. Read more


Marijuana to be grown by Italian army – in order to bring the price down

 The price of imported, pharmacy-bought weed as gone up 10 times as much as street prices. Italy wants its army to grow cheap marijuana from next year in a bid to discourage medicinal users from funding illegal street dealers.A high-security military compound lab is earmarked for growing cannabis for the national healthcare system despite criticism from leading political and religious figures. Read more  Video

Italia, ¿próximo país en legalizar la marihuana en Europa? Italie het volgende land in Europa die gaat legaliseren?

El esfuerzo para legalizar la marihuana se está abriendo paso en el Parlamento italiano, con 60 legisladores que ya han firmado un documento para hacer precisamente eso y en el momento que se salga a la luz. Ahora, el grupo de “todos los partidos” está trabajando en la doble tarea de redactar un proyecto de ley de legalización real y en conseguir que se convierta en ley.

El esfuerzo está siendo liderado por el senador Benedetto Della Vedova, que también es subsecretario de Italia de Estado de Asuntos Exteriores. Della Vedova era un miembro de largo plazo del Partido Radical No Violento del país, pero fue elegido para el parlamento como miembro del centrista Scelta Civica.Read more



Italy takes step toward legalizing pot

Italy took its first official step toward full legalization of pot on Wednesday, leading Europe in what would be a groundbreaking change for the continent.

The Intergrupo Parlamentare Cannabis Legale, a cross-party committee of lawmakers, agreed on a provisional text to legalize the consumption, growing, production and sale of cannabis under certain conditions. The text was signed by 218 members of parliament, and not just the usual backers of such measures. Read more

International Cannabinoid Research Society Read here
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Italian Court OKs Marijuana Growth on Balconies
In a reversal of past precedence, Italy’s highest court ruled that citizens were legally entitled to grow marijuana on their home balconies. Read more
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Two opinions on Italy’s first medical cannabis dispensary

To understand how and why Tuscany has become Italy’s first dispensary of marijuana for therapeutic use, West interviewed Francis Crestani, president of ACT (the Association of Therapeutic Cannabis) and Marco Perduca, former senator and collaborator with the Luca Coscioni association.

What is the situation in Italy and how did the regional government of Florence come to its decision?

Perduca: Actually, after Tuscany in 2012, seven other regions approved a law on the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. The big news this week is that Tuscany, unlike the other regions, has finished the process that follows the approval of the law: drafting the regulation that establishes which illnesses the new drugs can be prescribed for and, secondly, finding the budget so that citizens can by reimbursed by the national health system. Now it seems that Piedmont, Umbria and Abruzzo are also moving in this direction.

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  Patientenstichting Italie pazienticannabisorg

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