Israeli medical marijuana creates buzz but no high— will it go global? (washingtonpost)

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In a greenhouse in the mountains of the Galilee, a technician in a lab coat is coddling a marijuana seedling that is coveted for life-saving medical benefits for epileptic children, doctors say — without the high.

Named “Rafael,” for a healing angel called upon by Moses, this varietal of cannabis is for people who don’t want to be under the influence, and it is available in oral doses in Israel.

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Israeli researchers are developing new marijuana strains for medical patients, and possibly for recreational users (timesofisrael)

Medical marijuana is already legal in nearly two dozen US states, but the golden ticket for the marijuana industry is recreational use. The expectation that at least 18 US States will legalize pot in the coming years has given the marijuana industry a major impetus to develop cannabis strains that can be mass-marketed within the legal constraints that jurisdictions are likely to impose on the strength and effectiveness of consumer-marketed marijuana.

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