Israel Police chief: Time to revisit marijuana policy (ynetnews)

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Speaking to high school students, Yohanan Danino says police should display greater awareness of cultural and societal norms regarding marijuana

The time has come for the Israel Police and the state to revisit its marijuana laws, police commander Yohanan Danino said Wednesday.

The possession, sale and cultivation of marijuana is a crime in Israel, although penalties for personal use are relatively light. Doctors can prescribe medical marijuana to patients, but must first receive approval from the Health Ministry.  

Danino made the comments during a visit to a school in Beit Shemesh, when students asked him about the legal use of cannabis and questioned whether police resources in a war on drugs, even when those targeted only consume small amounts of marijuana.


“Cannabis has become far more present in the public discourse today than it was before,” said Danino. “Many more citizens want and demand permission to use cannabis in one form or another, and the police have traditionally over the years resisted.


“MKs now elected to the Knesset have asked me about the police’s stance today regarding cannabis. They were surprised to hear that I think it’s time that Israel Police, together with the State of Israel, examines its traditional position.”

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