Higher Use of Medical Marijuana By Atlantic Canada Veterans Attributed To Rising Number Of Stores (ibtimescomau)

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Confirming reports that bulk of the Canadian government’s spending on medical marijuana in 2014 went to veterans in Atlantic Canada, fresh information says that medical marijuana is now appealing to more veterans for treating certain disorders. According to Veterans Affairs Canada, the federal department spent CA$5.2 million in which CA$3.4 million was used up by the veterans of Atlantic Canada. This may look surprising as veterans living in areas such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and P.E.I. are a meagre 14 percent, when compared to the total number of veterans living in Canada.

Post Traumatic Stress

A report by CBC News traces the main reason for the enhanced consumption of medical marijuana to “Marijuana for Trauma” stores in New Brunswick. The stores have reportedly jacked up the availability and consumption of medical marijuana in the region. However, the beneficial aspect of medical marijuana is attested by a veteran himself, who recovered from post-traumatic stress disorder with the use of medical marijuana. He now claims that the “drug saved my life.” Ryan Edwards was diagnosed with PTSD and he retired from the military in 2009. “In those six years, I tried every pharmaceutical drug that they would give me. All that happened was weight gain, sexual dysfunction, rage, suicidal thoughts. And then one day, a friend of mine — a superior, actually — offered me a joint in secret. If I didn’t start using cannabis, then I wouldn’t be alive today,” the veteran added.

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