Federal drug regulators caution hemp oil sellers (usatoday)

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DENVER — Federal drug regulators have ordered several cannabis companies to stop claiming their hemp oil products can cure everything from cancer to Ebola after testing showed some of them contained none of the advertised ingredient.

In a series of strongly worded letters, federal safety regulators warned the companies to stop marketing cannabis and hemp oil as treatments for skin conditions, panic attacks, arthritis, cancer and Ebola. The warning letters came after federal officials tested the products and evaluated their marketing claims. The testing didn’t examine whether the active component actually did anything for the users — just whether it was in the product.

The Food and Drug Administration oversees the nation’s legal drugs, requiring safety and efficacy testing. It also oversees food and dietary supplements, which is how hemp oil products are often marketed. Marijuana products aren’t subject to the same kinds of regulation as prescription drugs, in part because there’s an ongoing debate over whether it’s is a food or a drug.

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