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Trial about Medical Marijuana in Canada

In Week 3 Bedrocan also is in this trial.



Three Government Lies Told at The Allard Medical Marijuana Trial

CANNABIS CULTURE – I managed to catch the opening statement by the government lawyer in the Allard vs Canada medical marijuana trial.

What I heard had me wishing they allowed the vaping of the stinky, stigmatized herbal antiemetic in the courtroom itself because the lies he told just about made me throw up in my mouth a little.

He said many things that were untrue, but three in particular stood out. I’m paraphrasing, but basically he said:

1) “… strict control, as all medicines are subject to”

2) “Home growing is being phased out in many places such as Holland”

This is not actually true. While it is true that there has been an attack on grow shops that sell equipment like grow lights and some home gardens, the officially tolerated standard – five plants without lights – is not under attack. Growing five plants on one’s balcony has been excluded from the “under attack” narrative in the mass media as recently as February 22nd, 2015.

Darpan Van Kuik, a cannabis activist in The Hague and manager of “The Canna-Embassy” (a sort of a crash pad for pot activists from other countries) has been growing five plants on his terrace every year since 1983. He said in an email to me:

First of all growing is still illegal, but if you grow five plants outdoor and there is no nuisance (sound, or other problem making towards neighbours) the police leave you alone. Outdoor growing without manipulation in the most cases the police leave you alone. The only problem is that the most new rent contracts have written black and white that if you grow cannabis they can throw you out!

Growing more than five plants could still be a problem. Van Kuik, in 2003, was under fire for growing eight plants instead of five and was forced to pay fines. His five plants have been left alone by police since.

In terms of the war on growshops, which actually came into effect at the beginning of March, Darpan said,

A lot of growshops are closed down now, or sell only stuff for vegetables. By example in The Hague, two stores are checked and are still open, but a lot have closed by themselves, or the police, because of very tough penalties.

Nol van Schaik, another cannabis activist who works in Haarlem, reports that

They did shut some growshops, one in Maastricht, but I think those cases will fail in court, the shops were no longer registered as growshops, but as a garden centre. In The Hague, former growshops, now garden centres, were checked by the local police and all was in order; they are still open. In Amsterdam, no checks, former grow shops operate as garden centres now, no problems so far. Home growing in the Netherlands is tough these days because if you get caught growing in your HOME, you can be evicted with your family! Some banks have contracts for mortgages including a ‘no grow clause’, so, if you are caught growing with such a contract on your mortgage, the bank takes your house. Home growers have mostly been caught, or they are so intimidated they stopped. We do not grow enough in the Netherlands a the moment, so we are importing ‘Nederweed’ from all over Europe, mainly from Belgium, Poland and Spain.


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POT TV – Watch Cannabis Culture News LIVE for the latest news and views on pot politics and the marijuana community. In this episodes: We take a detailed look at Allard Medical Marijuana Trial


Week 1

Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Allard Medical Marijuana Trial – Week 2

Cannabis Culture News LIVE: Allard Medical Marijuana Trial – Week 3

Op Twitter over het laatste proces op 13 maart jl. zijn uitspraken gedaan over Bedrocan o.a. door mw. Sandvos van het BMC.

Cost for Dutch patient in existing program is about $11 or $12 per gram. Some qualify for a special benefits program, others have insurance

Sandvos agrees with Conroy that home cultivation would save cash: “Everything you make yourself is cheaper”

Medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands : most patients prefer coffeeshop over pharmacy

This text comes from the presentation of a side-event the 11th of March in the Vienna International Center, for the 58th reunion of the United Nations’ Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

Medicinal cannabis has been legally available in Dutch pharmacies since 2003. But patients still face a lot of hurdles and problems to get -and keep- access to their medicine.

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Medical Marijuana User Arrested, Says New Health Canada Regulations Discriminate 

HALIFAX – A medical marijuana user in Nova Scotia says he would rather go to jail than stop growing his own pot after changes to Health Canada regulations preventing cultivation at home.

Bob Dillman says he and his wife were arrested at their Halifax home on March 4 and charged with production and possession of marijuana after years of being permitted by Health Canada to grow it for medical purposes. They are due in court next month.

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Doe mee!

Enquete patiëntentevredenheid medicinale cannabis in Nederland BMC / Bedrocan

Om een zo duidelijk mogelijk beeld te presenteren over de situatie in Nederland!


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